CFO Services

We offer both CFO services and controller services, but they are different levels of service. A controller is focused on accounting, budgeting, format, accurate reporting, and is generally a tactician. CFO's on the other hand are focused more on forecasting, analysis, planning, implementation and is generally more focused on strategy. Here are a few of the services that we offer as a CFO:

  • Strategic planning
  • Helping select commercial and health insurance carriers
  • Negotiating/assistance with bank financing
  • Development of KPI’s (key performance indicators) to track and monitor performance
  • Assistance with Human Resource matters
  • Improving profit margins through pricing strategies
  • Assistance with forward looking cash flows
  • Planning for future growth initiatives

A CFO learns and understands the operations of your business and how the financial system interrelates. CFO's at Next Level Accounting understand business funding and capital structures. Next we would focus on forecasting and analysis of how your business is going to utilize, implement the cash from operations or a loan. We understand business risks - both financial and non financial - and we know how to mitigate those risks. The biggest advantage of a CFO is we understand business strategy and we are able to see the big picture. So whether you are looking for professional CFO services or controller services you have found the company that can take your business to the Next Level!