Home Builders & Contractors

When you first started contracting, keeping track of things was fairly easy.  Over the years your contracting business grew and you needed a bookkeeper to help you handle your finances and keep up with additional obligations.  Now your good decisions and effort has fostered additional growth every year, and with more customers, comes more challenges.  This growth brings additional questions, compliance and reporting obligations and on most occasions, your bookkeeper isn't equipped with the right experience to handle these situations.

We know the pitfalls and the areas that can help your construction business thrive and the areas that we can help you save.  We understand the unique challenges that contractors and home builders face in their industry.  I'm sure some of the below challenges sound familiar:

  • Keeping track of sub-contractor insurance
  • Constantly staying on top of collections
  • Keeping up with property liens
  • Getting bank funding
  • Keeping the bank happy so they don't cancel your funding
  • OSHA compliance
  • The need to aggressively manage your cash flow
  • More competition looking for fewer jobs
  • Which of course leads to razor thin profit margins
  • Making sure HUD-1 settlement statements are correct
  • Percentage of completion accounting
  • and the list continues

Financial CFO's and controllers put more control in your hands, by arming you with accurate up to date information so you can make better decisions on a timely basis. If your construction operations have gotten to the point that you need more oversight and control, then give us a call.  We aren't high pressure, we are easy to talk to and if we can't do business together, we’d love to point you in the right direction.