Who are our clients?

Our clients own a business or run a company. They are Entrepeneurs or operators of a growing business.

Their sales fall somewhere between $500,000 and $10 Million annually.

Usually, they spend too much of their time dealing with Administrative headaches, taking them away from areas that make money, or that they know best? A study by ADP showed that business owners spend 58% of their time in Administration and Human Resources.

Their business is growing, but maybe not at the pace that they would like? Maybe they haven’t taken the time to develop a business plan for the next year, let alone next three years.

They have a CPA to do taxes or financial statements, but most of the review of that information has to do with the past.

Some even get monthly or quarterly financial information, but it doesn’t really tell them how well the business operates, and they really don’t have the time to dig into the numbers.

They would like to get away from the business for a vacation, but there is no one to take your place.

They know their existing bookkeeper or internal accountant can no longer handle the needs of a growing company, but they are not ready for a fulltime controller?

If any of the above sounds familiar we can help.